OTH Health, one of the leading brands in the country

OTH Health, one of the leading brands in the country that specializes in providing quality nutritional supplements is now offering its best ever fish oil supplements, by the name of iOTH Omega TriplExpert for all health freaks. The product can be purchased online on top selling portals, from the company website and also from selected stores. Claimed to be one of the richest source of purest form of omega 3 fish oil, the product provides for total heart, skin and joint health. OTH Health is the most trusted dietary supplement brand in the country. Known for its quality and potent formulations, the company aims at providing nothing less than the purest and most effective dietary formulations to its customers to help people live a healthy and carefree life by providing most potent solutions that help fill in the essential nutritional gaps from their regular diet. In recent years, an increasing number of people have turned towards the use of omega 3 capsules as they offer numerous omega 3 health benefits that can beCanned Salmon Production Line Suppliers availed by both healthy people as well as the ones suffering from certain types of heart diseases. Omega 3 fatty acid contains eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), both of which are essential nutrients that help preventing and managing various heart diseases. In addition to these benefits, omega 3 also helps in managing normal blood pressure levels, reduce the development of plaque in the arteries, lower triglyceride levels and also lessen the risk of abnormal heart rhythm. Talking to the media persons, the Marketing Head of the company stated, “We’re very excited about our product, iOTH Omega TriplExpert, which is one of the best fish oil supplements available. It is sourced from the cold waters of the China Tilapia Production Line Suppliersworld’s oceans and is a rich source of omega 3 available in softgel form. It offers combined omega 3 benefits for men and women alike.” He further stated that, “Adding fish oil to your diet is only good for your physical health but it helps in boosting your mental health as well.”Benefits of fish oil capsules are many provided they are taken in right amount and at the right time. Best omega 3 capsules are the ones which are tested for PCB and heavy metal free. Keeping the following parameters in mind, the company officials claim the product to be molecularly distilled and PCB and heavy metal tested to deliver optimal fish oil capsules benefits to the customers.


Now is the time to change all that

Now is the time to change all that. You’ll be blown away to see how some simple changes can create more than $100K in additional production next year.

Here’s the bottom line: If you could increase hygiene production by $150/day or just $19/hour, 2 hygienists can increase their annual production total by almost $60,000!

If those same 2 hygienists each enrolled at least $1000/week in restorative treatment, that boosts your production by $96,000. Together, that’s over $150,000 in increased production for your practice. I’m not going to leave you hanging. I’ll tell you how to get there and it’s really not that hard.

Step 1- Pump Up Perio! I preach this every other month and I won’t be quitting anytime soon. The fact is that if two hygienists enroll just 10% of their current patients into active perio therapy and then perio maintenance, hygiene production will increase by $60-70K in the first year. You better believe their are more than 10% of your “prophy” patients  Sardine canning production line that have perio disease right now.

Step 2- Empower your hygienists to help you enroll restorative. Remember: The first step is to spend time educating your team on your treatmentCanned tuna production line  philosophy and get all Docs in your office on the same page, too. Enrolling $1000/wk out of each hygiene operatory is very conservative. The trick is, those patients have to actually schedule that treatment for those dollars to show up.

Step 3-Financial Arrangements and Follow-up! Every patient that is presented with either perio treatment or restorative treatment should never leave your office without a written and signed financial arrangement. If you don’t have a financial arrangement form, create one. Make this Priority #1 for the new year. Patients that are confident say YES. Patients that are confused say NO. Make it clear how you make it easy for them to pay. Make it clear what portion of the fee they are responsible for and when it’s due. Then follow-up! If the patient isn’t ready to schedule that day, then put them on your follow-up list and ask for their permission to call in 2- 3 wks, and then DO IT!

Bonus Step 4- Share this with your team! Talk with your hygienists about what you’d like to see happen in 2007 and then support them in accomplishing it. Give them the support they need to develop and implement a perio protocol and make technology accessible so they can use it for perio charting, taking intra-oral photos, etc. AND, share the increase. How can you share the growth with your team next year? Implement a plan for a Team Bonus, Profit Sharing or Team Trips. These are just a few of the ways you can acknowledge your team for their dedication to you and your patients.


There was a time adding Omega 3 flax seed oil

There was a time adding Omega 3 flax seed oil was recommended to improve our health.  Today, however, with scores of research linking the rise in inflammation from an over-abundance of Omega 3 seed oil, we need to begin reducing our intake of Omega 3 seed oil and replacing it with Omega 3 fish oil.  The American Heart Association recommends one gram a day of Omega 3 from fatty fish to keep hearts healthy and up to three grams a day for damaged hearts.

Dr. Joseph Hibbeln, National Institutes of Health, one of the world’s leading authorities on Omega 3 fatty fish oil, states “There’s two families of polyunsaturated fatty acids, the Omega-3 fatty acid which you find primarily from fish oils, and the Omega-6 fatty acids which now in the US diet come from seed oils, and this is an absolutely critical distinction.  Not all polyunsaturates are the same.  Omega-6 fatty acids from seed oils – eventually theFish Machine Manufacturers  body converts them into a compound called arachidonic acid which is good in low amounts but in high amounts, it makes a lot of inflammatory compounds. The origin of arachidonic acid is from what you eat.  It’s from seed oils.  If you take the seed oils away and swap them out, your body will not be full of so much arachidonic acid and will not have such a pro-inflammatory disposition.  Swapping the Omega-6 fatty acids and replacing them with Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oils, your body will have a uniquely different predisposition towards inflammation and for aggravation.”

We, as a nation, were not always swimming in seed oil consumption.  Fast food restaurants, prepackaged foods, eating out in restaurant more than we eat at home has caused the rapid rise in the over-abundance of seed oils in our foods.  The FDA estimates the average American eats 4.7 pounds of trans fats each year.  It doesn’t sound like much but visibly, it is a huge amount.  Olive oil is our best source for it contains neither of the Omega 3’s but usually contains a lot of antioxidants and other good compounds and has a great taste as well.

There have been dozens of new products entering the grocery store marketplace promoting Omega 3 on labels but the national statistics show that only 6% actually have EPA and DHA from marine sources.  Most products, 94% to be exact, are adding ALA Omega-3 from vegetable sources just so they can put Omega-3 on the product label adding even more to the pool of seed oil we are already swimming in.  Adding to the confusion is recent manufacturers claiming they are restricting trans fats voluntarily.  Check the label.

ALA Omega 3’s from seed oil sources isn’t going to help change the levels of fatty acids in our bodies to our evolutionary design of one equal part seed oil to fish oil.  It is estimated our fatty acid levels are ten parts seed oil to barely one part fish oil and it’s that very drastic imbalance that is causing the rise in inflammatory conditions.


Freshwater fishes are sometimes perceived

Freshwater fishes are sometimes perceived as being monotonous with dull colours. Generally when we think of freshwater fishes in our aquarium, white, yellow and orange colors fishes come to our mind. But today you are going to know more new things about the colourful fishes in the world. There are many types of types of freshwater fishes that can be brightening up your aquarium. Let’ scroll down to explore 10 most colorful fish species. Really you are going too surprised by knowing how colorful and amazing they can be.

German Blue Ram: – German blue ram is very peaceful fresh water fish and small in size. It can be easily identified by its yellow and green body colouring and feature blue dots on the fins.

Killfish: – Killfish is mainly found in Asia, Africa, North and South America and some parts of Europe. They are for fresh water and come in orange red with blue combinations mixed in antique way.

Male Betta: – Male betta fish have many vibrant colours to choose from including orange, blue, purple, yellow, red, black and white. The long life span of male betta fish makes them one of the most popular fishes in the world.

Boeseman’s Rainbowfish: – Boeseman’s fishes are Tilapia production line  generally found in Indonesia near Western Guinea. The peaceful behaviour of this fish makes it a popular freshwater aquarium fish. Their colour pattern is unique than other species of rainbows.

Gourami Fish: – Gourami’s are a group of freshwater perciform fishes that are native to, India, Korea, Asia and Pakistan. They come in different and amazing colour variations like neon, sunset, blue and gold.

Peacock Cichlid: – The Peocock Cichlid display dozens of colour patterns, which consists of blue, red, bright yellow, vivid orange and gold. They also have dark stripes along with their body.

Fantail Guppy: – Fantail guppies are an attractive, plenteous and economical fish. They can be seen in various colours like purple, blue, yellow, red, as well as metallic and white combinations.

Neon Tetra : – Neon tetra is small in size and peaceful fish. This fish comes in unique colours like blue, orange and silver.

Endler’s Livebearer: – Endler’s livebearer has a similar look to the wild guppy. They come in brilliant colours including yellow-green, orange, and black and neon. Endler’s livebearer is small in size and can be easily store in any size of aquarium.

Discus: – They are a genus of cichlids, which is native to the Amazon River Basin. It comes in unique pattern like red, orange, creams, brown and brilliant shades of bright blue.